Private Residential work
Our business journey started over 50 years ago, providing tree pruning and removal services to residents in the lower north shore of Sydney. Over these years we have seen continued advancements in understanding the maintenance requirements of our urban forest.
Climbing Arborist teams
Our climbing arborists are highly trained and the skills they poses allow them to carry out their work in safe and systematic way. They are at total ease high in the tree. Utilising the latest climbing techniques and equipment
Our friendly ground crew work support the Climbing Arborist on the ropes to lower all the branches safely to the ground. This requires a high level of skill and precision.
Residential tree pruning has always been an important focus for AUTS. For over 42 years we have been providing the latest and safest techniques while always protecting our clients’ property.
Unusual and difficult jobs are performed with ease. This Cocos Palm was growing too close to the house and causing damage to the foundations. It was approved for removal by Council. Working within restricted spaces is an everyday event for our crews.
The Stump Grinding Operation
AUTS staff are trained in the safe operation of stump grinders. Whether the stump is large or small, in a hard to reach location or in an open park, AUTS has the stump grinder and operator for the job. Our smaller self propelled stump grinder allows us to grind out stumps in difficult access worksites.