Vegetation Management Around The Electrical Network
Maintaining safe clearances around the electrical network is essential for providing public safety and a reliable electrical supply to our homes. Most blackouts are caused by tree branches contacting the electrical network.
AUTS maintains a systematic approach to ensuring that the vegetation in our contract areas is providing the best outcomes to our clients and the residential power consumers.
AUTS works closely with local Councils and community groups to provide information regarding our pruning program. Councils in turn, provide important information regarding prominent tree specimens in the local area and we actively encourage open communication to resolve individual issues.

Council Street and Park Tree Maintenance
We all love walking and sitting under the cool shade of a large tree on a hot day. AUTS has helped Councils develop and implement street and park tree maintenance programs that allow the community to enjoy the trees whilst maintaining the public safety. This proactive approach to managing the urban forest is the best 
Our staff love a challenge and in the tree industry, the challenges are come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the more unusual projects include:-
• Working on Scotland Island, Pittwater
• Pruning dead fronds of 10meter tall palm trees growing on the 19th floor of an office tower in the Sydney CBD
• Creating access tracks through Ku-Ring-Gai National Park
• Tree maintenance at the Lodge, Sydney Harbour
• Removing tree saplings from heritage listed properties
• Tree pruning and removals on Cockatoo Island
• Lifting fallen trees off houses at 2am using a crane, after a storm event

Our Current Commercial Clients Include
  Mosman Council
  Willoughby Council
  Ryde Council
  North Sydney Council
  Sydney Harbour Trust
  Taronga Zoo